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3 ways the world is flat(bread)

Like a pizza that’s been life hacked, flatbread saves steps in production and opens the door for major creativity in toppings. Here are three flat-out awesome flatbreads to try.

Smoked salmon flatbread
University of Southern California

The smoked salmon you love for brunch makes an appearance on a flatbread (pictured above) at USC’s upscale campus restaurant, Moreton Fig. Toppings include Meyer lemon crème fraiche, avocado (this is California, after all), arugula and frisee with radish, caviar and cured egg yolk. The yolks are cured in house, a five-day process, then grated on top of the flatbread.


Barbecue chicken flatbread
Loyola University of Maryland

Flatbread Fridays at Loyola started this spring with a five-week cycle menu of flatbreads, including beef, bacon and blue cheese; pesto chicken; spinach and roasted tomato; Mexican chicken and Mediterranean hummus flatbreads. This barbecue chicken flatbread is sweet and savory perfection. There’s a choice of naan flatbread or a cauliflower crust, which has been the most popular option.


Banh mi flatbread
Alachua County (Fla.) Public Schools

The foodservice team at Alachua schools wanted to offer banh mi, but baguettes and daikon radish weren’t exactly in the pantry. So using a whole-grain flatbread and a crunchy slaw made with pickled onions and radishes, the banh mi flatbread was born. Students can garnish with matchstick carrots and fresh herbs.

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