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5 cool, comforting ice cream treats and milkshakes for trying times

The simple summertime joys of soft-serve ice cream, milkshakes and ice cream-cookie sandwiches provide self-care to go for consumers.

Research firm Mintel stops just short of calling ice cream and frozen novelties an “essential” in the summer following the coronavirus crisis. “While ice cream and frozen novelties may not necessarily be considered an essential, brands can still become a self-care partner during this time, and perhaps more importantly, the subsequent fallout,” according to a summary of the report, US Ice Cream and Frozen Novelties Market Report.

Summertime will boost ice cream menu items as usual—albeit during an unusual time—the report predicts. “Like many other food and drink categories, the sheltering in place stages of the pandemic are proving to be a tailwind” for the frozen sweets category. “And, the easing of those mandates will likely lead into the primary seasonal summer months where the category naturally flourishes.”

As onsite foodservice operations have found different ways to serve their customers during the pandemic, a common thread has been comfort food. And for some, at times, only ice cream or a milkshake—or an ice cream-cookie sandwich for that matter—can provide that comfort. Serve the treats outdoors as a pop-up and get extra points for social distancing. Check out some examples from foodservice operators.

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