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5 essential Indian menu items

A little namaste can go a long way with a few basics of Indian food: shawarma, tandoori chicken, mango lassi, rice pudding, plus the sauces and chutneys that make it all pop.

At the Linsly School, managed by Lexington Independents, in Wheeling, W.Va., Executive Chef Noah Fraley recently put together samples of chicken shawarma and crunchy slaw, showcasing his favorite cuisine, Indian food. “There are so many layers of flavor in these dishes,” he says. 

Fraley has tested the idea of turning the shawarma and the slaw into a gyro-style sandwich, and kids have loved it.  

Meanwhile, Asif Sarkar, catering and retail sous chef at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh (UWO), is participating in Aladdin’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion program with culinary celebrations throughout the year. 

These dining events have included Pride, Juneteenth and most recently, the Indian food event during UWO’s Experimental Aircraft Association AirVenture Oshkosh week. Sarkar and team presented the Namaste India concept to the community, and the results were high flying, with guests praising “the presentation, the chef explaining the ingredients and the wonderful flavors.”

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