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5 gluten-free or vegan recipes for college food service from Niagara University and Metz Culinary Management

Metz Culinary Management at Niagara revamped vegan and gluten-free menus in partnership with the Forward Food initiative, creating vegan milkshakes, vegan fried chicken, meatless tacos and crab-free crab cakes. Plus, get the recipes.

Forward Food is an organization that offers resources to onsite foodservice operators, from toolkits to classes and events, all with the goal of adding more plant-based food to the menu. At Niagara University, Metz General Manager Andrew Shaner worked with Forward Food to completely overhaul the university’s existing Live Well station. The result has been some brand- new vegan and gluten-free recipes that are hitting the mark with students. Check out five of them:

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