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7 key elements for kickin’ Korean flavors

These essential Korean flavor fundamentals are ready to add a bit of heart and Seoul to your menu. Plus, two bonus recipes.

While Korean food regularly appears on “what’s hot”-type lists at the start of the calendar year, this cuisine has a timeless appeal that can tempt all ages, from kimchi-crazy kids to seniors who build their own bulgogi bowls.

About those build-your-own bulgogi bowls: Seniors, just like their younger counterparts, appreciate the interactive experience of customization, which can spur them on to try new flavors. That’s been the case at Holy Redeemer, a Cura-managed senior living community in Philadelphia, where an Elior North America concept called SeoulTown debuted recently. Cura Regional Culinary Chef Dennis Rivera and the team at Holy Redeemer lay out the fundamentals of Korean cuisine—grilled meat, pickled veggies, rice and more—for residents and staff to get a taste of everything.  

“What’s really neat about this that it gets everyone involved,” Rivera says. Read on for Korean flavor fundamentals to add a bit of heart and Seoul to your menu.

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