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7 ways onsite food service chefs create slurp-worthy Asian noodles

Noodling around with Asian flavors and different types of noodles is a great way to a one-dish meal with protein and veggies in endless combos.

Noodles are a big part of what makes stir-fry so appealing…something starchy, soft—and slurp-able—to go with the other components: protein (plant-based or not), veggies and, of course, flavor.

And from a symbolism standpoint, the first few weeks of the new year are the perfect time to serve noodles, as in Asian cultures, they’re symbols of a long (and delicious) life. From hearty soba noodles to wispy cellophane noodles and everything in between, Asian noodle dishes are also a strong player in the grab-and-go game. Dishes like lo mein and pad Thai also have the familiarity factor, making these safe choices for your picky eaters, too.

Check out these different noodles paired with many combos of veggies and aromatics. Of course, the new year could also be a great time for chefs to restock their Asian pantry: Have you got good soy sauce or tamari, fish sauce, tamarind paste…and of course, your favorite noodle!

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