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8 cheesy, beefy, melty preparations for cheesesteak

Philadelphia’s greatest gift to America: The cheesesteak. As long as the steak is sizzling and the cheese is melting, you can make this icon your own anywhere and exercise your right to life, liberty and the pursuit of fantastic cheesesteaks.

Eating a cheesesteak is among the top three things a tourist wants to do in Philadelphia, according to tourism site The other two? The Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. Sure, history is great, but not on an empty stomach!

Carolyn Wyman, author of The Great Philly Cheesesteak Book, sums it up: “Philadelphia is the birthplace of American democracy, the U.S. flag, the public library, the post office, the mint, the stock exchange, the hospital and the computer. But Philly’s greatest gift to American society could well be the cheesesteak.”

In the city itself, opinions on the best cheesesteak run deep. There’s just something about that combination of flat-top grilled steak slices, sizzling onions and peppers plus melty cheese (say “Whiz Wit” if you’re ordering and want Cheese Whiz—you do).

And if you’re nowhere near Philly, no worries—it’s easy to create a favorite cheesesteak spot for your guests right where you are. Check out these examples of cool cheesesteak menu offerings from coast to coast.

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