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8 ways food service chefs unleash ground pork’s versatility

Check out these ground pork menu ideas from around the world.

Ground pork has a lot of plus sides, but it may not be the first protein you think of when planning the year’s menus. But consider this: it’s cheaper than pork roast, quicker to prepare than pulled pork and most often more delicious than anything that’s…not pork. Chefs love it not just for its small price tag, but also its big flavor. As O.G. celeb chef Emeril Lagasse’s catchphrase says, “Pork fat rules!”

We found onsite food service chefs making some incredibly delicious dishes using ground pork, from comforting mapo tofu to Caribbean picadillo, Laotian lettuce wraps, Korean meatball subs and more. By changing up seasonings, aromatics and techniques, there’s a ton of potential with this form of pork. For example, simmering pork in coconut-fish sauce is going to give you a way different flavor than the same thing baked into a plantain casserole. Check out these ideas and other ways to make ground pork part of the menu’s daily grind.

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