9 creative guacamoles packed with flavor

Sept. 16 might be National Guacamole Day, but we say any day gets better with the creamy green dip/spread.

Guacamole dates at least five centuries to a time when Aztecs were thought to mash avocados. In the early 16th century European aristocrats used the spread to make the main course more palatable. Today, it’s about as mainstream as an ethnic food can get in the U.S.

Other countries have adapted guacamole to reflect their palates as well. In Japan, the traditional recipe uses avocados, shredded daikon, soy sauce, green onions, rice vinegar and a touch of wasabi. The French spread it on fresh baguettes topped with shallots and tarragon. And in the Caribbean, it’s common to spike guac with fresh papaya, pineapple or pomegranate seeds.

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