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9 meat-and-potato dishes with Midwestern mojo

Meatloaf, pierogis, poutine, pasties and more…the Midwest has a hot, hearty meal on the table just for you, so come on in from the cold and dig into these homey staples and cool new interpretations.

Ah, the Midwest…where a good old meat and potato dish is never too far away. A slab of meatloaf, a casserole, a “hot dish,” all ready to offer warmth and comfort on a chilly winter’s day where the only scenery is a blizzard.

Thanks to two enduring conditions—cold and friendly—the Midwest has grown a comfort food legacy that runs deep. While sometimes the phrase “meat and potatoes” is used to describe bland, old fuddy-duddy food, there’s a whole new world happening in the Midwest, with onsite chefs making new classics on a foundation built of mashed potatoes and gravy.

We found cool takes on Midwestern classics, including cheesesteak pierogis, trendy poutines, a coal miner’s hot pocket (pasty), classic beef bourguignon on a bed of mashed taters, gravy-sopped meatloaves and more. Plus, check out the recipe for “Not Your Mama’s” tater tot casserole at the end of the gallery.

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