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9 ways to plate the rainbow, celebrate Pride

Aramark Chef Brittani Ratcliff of Morehouse State University cooks, bakes and creates with Pride. Here are a few of her most Technicolor plates.

At Morehouse State University, Catering Sous Chef Brittani Ratcliff makes a point of celebrating diversity and making inclusion a keystone in the kitchen.

“Pride Month isn’t about being proud that I’m gay; I was born gay. Pride Month for me is about being proud that I am no longer afraid to be who I am,” Ratcliff says. “I’m lucky to work in an industry that proves to me every day just how far we have come with acceptance, but there’s still a lot of work to be done.”

You may have seen Ratcliff on Hell’s Kitchen, cooking for celeb chef Gordon Ramsay, an experience that placed this chef into the spotlight more than ever before. Ratcliff’s dishes tend to be show-stoppers, using cool ingredients like Cheeto dust or Sour Patch kids incorporated with classic French techniques. Her signature plates are vibrant and colorful, and for Pride Month she’s made even more rainbow-hued culinary creations that will dazzle you and provide inspiration for your own rainbow menu.

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