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extra avocado toast picwith person eating.jpg Avocados from Mexico

Addicted to avocado

Creamy, cool and green, avocado is becoming a staple in many health-conscious (and flavor-conscious) Americans’ diets. Its versatility is second only to its craveability.

Avocado toast
University of Cincinnati
This LTO, created by Kevin Morris, assistant foodservice director at the University of Cincinnati, was part of the weeklong Fan-toast-ic promotion, which featured five days of different toppings on toast. Avocado is the reigning king of toast toppings, though, served below on wheat berry toast with a fried egg and a housemade drizzle of Sriracha and lemon juice.

Green Goddess salad
Marin (Calif.) Country Day School
This salad just says “spring and summer” to Jason Hull, director of foodservices/chef/co-director Culinary Farm at Marin Country Day School. “Its vibrant colors match the delicious flavors that blend together in this salad…it’s always a crowd-pleaser,” Hull says. In addition to the healthy chunks of avocado in this salad (left), the creamy dressing on this salad is made from avocado blended with herbs.

Avocado bite
Vanderbilt University
A mini version of avocado toast, this sophisticated bite (above) makes for a fresh appetizer with mashed avocado and a choice of any combo of toppings, including cranberries, chives, radishes, pistachios and pumpkin seeds with a yogurt-hot sauce drizzle (all shown here). It was served at several colleges, including Vanderbilt University, for Avocados from Mexico’s national tour of campuses. (Photo: Avocados from Mexico)

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