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An American harvest: 9 menu ideas to serve up the season

As November’s frost hits the fields, our collective appetite turns to root vegetables, apples and squash. Here are some ideas to reap the benefits of the season.

Ever since the dawn of agriculture about 10,000 years ago, harvest time has meant a culmination of hard work and a time to revel in the bounty of a growing season. Farmers find out how well their crops did during harvest time, and kitchens get busy preparing and sharing the bounty. As times have changed, the importance of the harvest has remained the same.

“There is still something magical about harvest, for farmers and non-farmers alike,” writes American historian and folklorist Hannah Spencer.  “There is something fascinating about a combine harvester rumbling across a field amidst a billowing dust cloud. The time which once made or broke communities, inspired prophets, defined religions and ultimately made us who we are, still triggers something of its former magic, deep within our unconscious minds.”  

So, with that in mind, now’s the time to showcase your local farmers’ stash of squash, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, apples and more with these super-seasonal menu ideas.

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