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FM Best Sandwiches

Best Sandwiches: 6 satisfying vegetarian/vegan options

Plant-based dining meets lunchtime favorite in these six sandwiches that are meat free.

Here’s a fun fact: Search for “sandwiches” on Food Management’s website, and you’ll find more than 1,200 entries. Our editorial team—and our readers—care a lot about the sandwich, a pillar of menus everywhere. The creative forces are strong with the 2019 class of Best Sandwiches. We found smoky, spicy, sweet and even more spectacular flavors from regions near and far. Classics like the roast beef sandwich have been reinvented. Favorite sandwiches—like a grilled cheese and a French dip—have been combined into something greater than the sum of their parts. Join us as we drool over the very best breakfast sandwiches, and find more winning sandwiches here.

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