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FM Best Sandwiches

Best Sandwiches Readers’ Choice: 10 totally rad plant-based sandwiches from food service chefs

Using mushroom or cauliflower, vegan “chicken” or vegan cheese, these sandwiches take plant-based ingredients to the next level.

While a segment of the population is definitely still strongly identifying as vegan and steering clear of any animal product, a bigger part of the population—and your customers—is decidedly more middle of the road when it comes to eating meat. These folks know they should eat less meat and more plants for better health, not to mention the environment, but they’re also no stranger to burger drive-thru lines and smoky barbecue pits. No matter which camp your customers fall into, there’s room on the menu for at least a few killer plant-based sandwiches.

These are some amazing examples we found through Food Management’s annual Best Sandwiches contest, a great way for us to meet new chefs and their sandwiches, too. These sandwiches show ways to use both lab-made “meat” and things like beans or veggies in places where pulled pork or capicola would traditionally go. Break from tradition and check them out.

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