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FM Best Sandwiches

Best Sandwiches Readers’ Choice: 13 fried chicken sandwiches from food service chefs rule the roost

Crispy fried chicken on a buttery biscuit (or bao) with spicy slaw, creamy pimento cheese and so many other flavor-forward components make up the stellar fried chicken sandwich builds from our annual Best Sandwiches competition.

As Georgia Southern University Executive Chef Clay Culpepper says, “Who doesn’t love a good chicken sandwich?” Here at Food Management, you will hear no argument from us! Check out Culpepper’s crispy Parmesan-peppercorn sandwich and all the other chicken sandwiches from this year’s Food Management Best Sandwiches competition. Chicken sandwiches proved to be one of the most popular types of sammie entered in this annual throwdown. We discovered lots of fried chicken sandwiches that are heated up—and made more interesting—by Asian influences.

We also found fusion that went more local—combining Nashville hot chicken with Carolina barbecue, for example. The slaws and sauces on these sammies are a great place for flavor to take off (Old Bay seasoning or gochujang or Maytag bleu cheese). Another place to pack additional flavor punch is in the marinades. We saw buttermilk, pickle juice and more being used to tenderize the chicken on these succulent sandwiches.

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