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egg avocado toast Morrison Healthcare

Cracking into creative egg dishes

Eggs are held in high esteem across all dayparts for their silky, yolky sauce, instant built-in culinary bling for countless flavor profiles.

Egg in the whole avocado toast

Morrison Healthcare

A new national breakfast initiative by Morrison Healthcare focuses on handheld breakfast sandwiches, brunchy options like a crustless quiche and trendy stuff, like this cool new item, which combines childhood favorite “egg in the hole” with millennial phenomenon avocado toast. Multigrain toast (the “whole” play on words) is topped with Thai chili-strawberry jam, diced avocado, another slice of toast with a cutout for the lightly fried cage-free egg.

Sam’s Club HQ

Basted eggs on turkey bacon-hot pepper hash

Table 29, Sam’s Club Home Office, Bentonville, Ark.

As the new executive chef at Sam’s Club HQ, Daniel Concepcion has hit the ground running with many concepts and menu items coming directly from his own imagination and experience as a B&I chef determined to stay relevant. The method of basting eggs isn’t very common, but the result is the best of both worlds between sunny side up and a little more cooked on top. It’s done by frying eggs gently in a good amount of fat, then basting the tops to help set the yolks as they cook. Concepcion is experimenting with this method, served over turkey bacon, asparagus, bell pepper, onions and jalapenos.

University of Michigan


Deconstructed avocado egg

East Quad, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich.

Taking the toast out of the avocado toast equation entirely, University of Michigan chefs Allan Sheldon and David Adler of the plant-forward East Quad dining hall just introduced this breakfast plate to rave reviews. “It’s an option that’s fun and different for variety,” Sheldon says. “We stuff the avocado with chorizo, potatoes and cheddar, place the egg on the side and brown it all up under the salamander.”

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