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FM Best Sandwiches

FM Best Sandwiches 2022: The Best Burgers of the Bunch Edition

Burgers crashed the party at our annual Best Sandwiches contest, and we let them stay. We’re now sharing these crazy-inventive entries that we just couldn’t ignore.

As we gnawed through nearly 200 Best Sandwich entries, we noticed that a good many of them were burgers. Long ago, we decided to put burgers on the bench for this contest, because, well, it isn’t a fair fight. A fact of American life: Burgers always win. Especially when it’s a cheeseburger. Or a jalapeno burger or a bulgogi burger or an apple jack burger or a Bavarian burger or a lamburger or even a beet burger…and then you go and add bacon? You get the picture. 

We’re now sharing what we just couldn’t keep to ourselves: 22 juicy, satisfying burgers with trendy, unexpected and tasty vibes. If you have a burger concept already and are looking for a cool new LTO, you’ve come to the right place with this all-new category of our Best Sandwich contest. Get your flat-top hot, your patties formed, your buns toasted, your cheese melted and your napkins ready because all of these burgers are winners in our book.

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