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FM Best Sandwiches

FM’s Best Sandwiches Readers’ Choice: 7 sandwiches perfect for the winter season

Help your customers grab-and-go deliciously through the busy holiday rush with spirited sandos meant to move.

Is our annual Best Sandwich competition the gift that keeps on giving? We’d like to think so! FM’s Best Sandwich competition yielded so many winning sammies, shawarmas, subs, paninis, wraps, hoagies, cheesesteaks and tortas, but we have heard our readers, and know that they’re hungry for more!

Check out this delectable selection, which features sandwiches you can plan to make in the winter months ahead. We’ve got a hearty vegetarian sandwich made with meaty portobello, a club sandwich with a beachy vibe, an elevated take on the classic ham ‘n cheese sammie, a couple selections made for using leftover turkey, and some cool wild cards, like a BLT-turned-Monte Cristo.

Since sandwiches have been and continue to be such a cornerstone of foodservice menus, it’s a big deal to keep your sammie game super strong with new ideas and inspiration for unusual ingredients or just unusual presentations. Please enjoy this selection of sandwiches that would all be perfect additions to holiday grab-and-go menus.

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