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FM’s Top 10 food and beverage trend predictions for 2022

Looking into our trusty crystal ball (and also hard data and expert insights) to give you a preview of what will be hot in the culinary world next year.

Biting into something new is an experience we’re chasing as we anticipate the culinary trends predicted to make those bites something to remember. All in all, dining is about that experience, and next year, that’ll get amped up. Matt Faul, CEO of Wolverine Management says diners are totally looking for that special something. “I predict more unique flavor experiences will happen next year,” he says.

“Diners are now able to experience explosions of unique flavors and ingredients unlike ever before,” Faul adds. “The rise of social media and influences, who like to treat food as a flavorful journey, creates a demand for restaurants and culinary experts to find the next trend or flavor wave that can create an impact. Diners want to bite into something or sip a cocktail with a flavor journey that has a beginning, middle and end.”

So, please don’t be shy and take a bite or two out of our trend predictions for the new year.


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