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Food service menu trending: Celebrating foodservice's heroes again; chicken salad gets an upgrade

Plus, chaos and the consumer psyche…how to look at food trends now and more trending stories from Food Management

In this month’s recap of the Top 5 most popular food and beverage Food Management articles, celebrating 16 Foodservices Heroes in the second year of the pandemic ranked as the week’s top story. Here are 16 Foodservices Heroes we’ve chosen to highlight from among the 200-plus nominated by their organizations as going above and beyond the call of duty over the past year. Among other stories in this week’s gallery:

  • Chicken salad gets fabulously fierce; and
  • Viewpoint: Chaos and the consumer psyche…how to look at food trends now.

In other news, here are 10 sassy chicken salads to rock your summer menu. Chicken salad certainly is an art form to observe in the kitchen as chefs take into account flavor combos, texture and many more details including, but not limited to, herbs, aromatics, powdered spices and crunchy, spicy add-ons like pickled jalapenos, mayo base vs. sour cream vs. yogurt and more. It seems like every chef has their own secret ingredients when it comes to sassing up chicken salads. Find your new favorite here.

Click through the gallery to see other trending stories in the food and beverage segment.

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