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Foodservice menu trending: 22 iconic steakhouse classics and new classics

In this month’s recap of the Top 5 most popular food and beverage Food Management articles, new menu items introduced at Toyota Stadium for new FC Dallas season ranked as the top story. We discovered absolutely sizzlin’ onsite versions of steakhouse chic with steak nights sizzling all over the country, and the cuts of beef, iconic side dishes, must-have extras and global flavors bring that special steakhouse experience to your guests. The events include chef’s table events, hospital events to recruit new physicians, monotony breakers any time there’s a dull moment, even a saloon scavenger hunt for lucky horseshoes (here’s looking at you, George Mason University!)

Other top stories:

  • 14 grab-and-go desserts to make every day as sweet as Valentine’s Day
  • Sam’s Club chef leads like a lion, roars with responsibility
  • Runaway indulgence: Catching up with grab-and-go’s best sweet treats
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