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Foodservice menu trending: Aramark chef on developing menu trends; 20 reasons to love food

Rediscovering classic Italian chicken dishes and garam masala, India's warming spice, were also popular on foodservice menus

The Aramark food service team at the University of Minnesota is highlighted in a media series spearheaded by new Executive District Chef Matt Horn, who is bringing an awareness to the behind-the-scenes side of culinary excellence and innovation. Chef Horn spoke about developing menus, chasing trends and giving the culinary team its due. Read more about the culinary practices at U of M.

Food Management asked top chefs from colleges, hospitals, schools and B&I to take time for a culinary brainstorm as they steer the day-to-day operations of onsite foodservice. Our goal for the blue-sky thinking? To find out what’s really floating their boats in terms of culinary inspiration. What’s keeping the love affair with food alive? Find out what these onsite chefs said was their "Reason to Love Food". 

Barbecue has deep roots in competition; that’s why you’ll hear folks argue about Texas brisket vs. Carolina pulled pork, or even chopped pork vs. pulled pork, hickory vs. mesquite and East Carolina vinegar sauce vs. West Carolina ketchup-based sauce. Suffice it to say there are a lot of barbecue opinions out there!

But when the rubber meets the road in foodservice—or the tray meets the line—great barbecue can be found in just about any corner of the country, if you know where to look.

See what else was trending across foodservice menus this month.

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