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Foodservice menu trending: Serve success for breakfast

In this month’s recap of the Top 5 most popular food and beverage Food Management articles, 16 eye-opening breakfast items to wake up your menu ranked as the top story. The items range from an evolution of avocado toast to bowls with plant-based, low-carb ingredients to sweet tooth-tempting French toasts to fired-up breakfast burritos to bagel sandwiches with layers of flavor to international savory bites like cauliflower fried rice to wild cards like dragon’s eggs or the new-to-us British Breakfast, complete with baked beans, black pudding and tomatoes.

Other top stories:

  • 12 glammed-up gluten-free menu ideas
  • Viewpoint: Serving gluten-free? Manage risks with a few simple lines of defense
  • Gluten-free has a glow up
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