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Honey swirled Asian-inspired porridge

Honey swirled Asian-inspired porridge

Choose and combine (or let your guests DIY) pulled chicken, scallions, dried chilies, flaked salmon and more on this savory sweet porridge. This recipe was developed just for FM by the National Honey Board.

YIELD: 1 serving
8 oz. cooked rice
8 oz. chicken stock (or water)
pinch of salt
optional for grainier texture/
   more fiber:
2 oz. whole-grain wild rice, 
   baked until puffed
2 oz. black quinoa, baked 
   until puffed 
3 oz. honey
For garnish, choose as many options as desired:
blanched pulled chicken meat
scallions, thinly sliced
dried chilies,
pomegranate arils
pomelo arils
fresh lime
toasted nuts
flaked cooked salmon
fried shallots

1. In heavy bottomed sauce pot, place stock or water, along with cooked rice and pinch of salt. Bring to low simmer 8-10 minutes until mixture becomes starchy and thickened. Add additional grain choice if desired. Remove from heat and let stand about 5 minutes to allow for full heating and hydration of added grain.
2. Slowly swirl in honey without over mixing to allow for a contrasting spoon.
Photo: National Honey Board;

Recipe: Chef John Csukor for the National Honey Board

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