Meatless genius: 10 crazy-clever plant-based hacks

I can’t believe it’s not bacon! Here are a few incredibly creative substitutions college chefs are using to satisfy carnivorous cravings with smart double-take dishes, from a coconut BLT to a carrot hot dog and celery root steaks.

Trendy plant proteins like jackfruit rose 33 percent on orders placed in restaurants on Mondays, according to new research from Grubhub and Meatless Monday. The study also found that vegan orders are up every day of the week, increasing in popularity by 19 percent this year. But you don’t need jackfruit or any other special ingredients to make fun, trendy, delicious plant-based meals. The humble carrot or a handful of chickpeas can become a center-of-the-plate star with the right spices, cooking technique and inventive spirit.

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