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Mediterranean on the move: 10 easy, breezy, grab-and-go snacks from food service chefs

For countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea, the food shares some commonalities: light, breezy, fresh and bright. Combine that with your grab-and-go strategy for an instant breath of fresh air on the menu.

Briny feta, scrumptiously salty olives in every color of the rainbow, creamy hummus you want to dive into…Mediterranean cuisine is definitely kissed by the sun and saltwater of the sea that it’s named for. And the health factor makes this diet extra appealing.

Dietitians and cookbook authors for years now have been singing the chorus of praise for the Mediterranean Diet, a loosely defined (and pretty sensible) way of eating that focuses on a few key things: a whole lot of olive oil, plenty of fish, fresh veggies, rustic whole grains, lemons, capers, feta cheese and other nutrient-rich foods. Thankfully, these good-for-you foods are rich in flavor, too.

Now wrap all that up (in compostable packaging, if possible) and send your customers on their way to a healthy meal experience on the go. Check out these examples of moveable Mediterranean menu items that do just that.

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