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New, lightened-up French classics make customers say “Ooh la la”

Restaurant Associates’ Au Coin concept gets in on the French food revolution invading the dining space right now.

A recent upsurge in new French restaurants inspired Restaurant Associates team members Tim Buma, Cody Abrams and Albert Lukas to create Au Coin, a ready-to-go concept that captures the easygoing-yet-super-elegant vibe of a Parisian bistro.

Au Coin, which translates to “At the Corner,” showcases modern French bistro food, not the old-school, cream-and-butter-heavy dishes, but new, seasonal dishes that put a spring in your step. Think slow-roasted pork loin with Normandy apple relish, champignon and Swiss chard cassoulet. French-accented desserts include custard tarts, fruit crepes, chocolate mousse and wine-poached pears.

Savory breakfasts—egg dishes, crepes, pain perdu and more—give way to casual lunch options as the dayparts move along. Salads and small plates, main courses and desserts are all vetted through Restaurant Associates’ culinary and dietitian team, so nutritional info is up to date.

Further setting the tone: cool French-inspired uniforms, complete with striped shirts and sassy kerchiefs.

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