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One On One
Senior Editor Tara Fitzpatrick thinks the time is right for birria, queso, gourmet hot dogs, pimento cheese and more.

One On One With: New year, new food trends

Arriving in 2021 with cautious optimism, Food Management chats about predictions for food trends.

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With 2020 in our rearview mirror, Food Management editors Tara Fitzpatrick and Holly Petre talk about a few of the highlights from Tara’s trend prediction story. Delving into how the past coronavirus pandemic year has changed the onsite food service industry and our tastes and cravings, this locally sourced discussion wanders into the streets of New York (where Holly is based) and then hits the meandering country roads of the Midwest (Tara’s home).

We also talk about how important the effects of movements for equality and inclusion have been on the industry, and the way people are interacting with each other now. While things look uncertain still for the food world (and the world in general), here are a few trends worth paying attention to, ordering from your local dining spot and pondering with for a while.

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