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FM Best Sandwiches

Part 2: Meet the Food Management Best Sandwich runners up

FM’s annual Best Sandwich contest was an extremely close race this year, with so many neat-o sandos to choose from. We couldn’t keep these runners up to ourselves.

We judge the FM Best Sandwich contest on creativity, practicality, aspiration, inspiration, bread type, trendy ingredients, tried-and-true ingredients, balance of flavors, craveability, originality (which you absolutely get points for!) and that indescribable “it” factor that make us go all Dagwood. Since we announced the winners of this year’s contest last week, these runners up have been waiting in the wings, worthy of a second look!

This contest not only allows us to get to know our readers better, but also to uncover some cool new trends-in-the-making. Oftentimes, onsite chefs are ahead of the curve in terms of flavors, sustainable ingredients, portable builds, unique presentations and just all-around fun and clever sandwich ideas. And a lot of times, sandwiches can even tell a story about farms, communities and the life of the chef. Stay tuned for more unsung sandwiches waiting to be discovered, plus a Best Burger gallery from this contest as well.

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