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Reduced sodium taco bean dip

Yield: 102 ½-cup portions

6 #10 cans low-sodium pinto beans
1 9-oz. pack, taco seasoning mix
7 Tbsps. granulated garlic
3 Tbsps. lower sodium Creole seasoning
6 cups low-sodium salsa
20 oz. reduced fat cheddar cheese, shredded

1. Pour beans in colander to drain off all canning liquid and discard liquid. Rinse and soften beans under hot running water, then pour into standing mixing bowl.

2. Add taco seasoning, granulated garlic and Creole seasoning to beans and whisk until smooth dip-like consistency.

3. Portion one #8 scoop of beans into each serving container and top with 1 Tbsp. of salsa and less than ¼ ounce cheese. Store in cooler at or below 40°F until ready for serving.

Recipe from East Baton Rouge Parish Schools Child Nutrition Services

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