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Sandwich of the Month: The Straw-Brie Tuna Surfer

Sandwich of the Month: The Straw-Brie Tuna Surfer

YIELD: 1 sandwich

Fresh strawberries and brie go together like peanut butter and jelly. This sandwich is something much more luxurious, though.

“The brie and the blackened tuna work great together, with the balance between hot, cool and creamy,” says Gerald Crawford, director of dining services, Life Care Center of Cleveland in Tennessee. “When the tuna is still warm, and you add the brie right on top, it just melts right down on the fish, making this a really great combination.”

The sandwich is offered as a special, in addition to the other sandwiches at Life Care Center’s cafe.

1 croissant, split and grilled
handful of mixed spring greens
4 oz. tuna loin medallion, blackened to medium-rare
1 oz. brie, sliced thin, at least 2 slices to cover bread
5 strawberries, sliced

1. Assemble the sandwich: Start with bottom of croissant; place half of the spring greens to cover. Add the tuna, preferably still warm, and cover with brie.
2. Arrange strawberry slices on brie, top with the rest of the greens and place top of the croissant on top.

Photo and recipe: Gerald Crawford, director of Dining Services, Life Care Center of Cleveland, TN

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