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Concessions and Recreation

Top 10 concessions and recreations food service stories of 2020

From coronavirus closures and restrictions to Legends Hospitality’s concessionaires program (both before and after COVID-19) at AT&T Stadium in Texas.

The recreations and concessions segment has been devastated by coronavirus closures and restrictions in 2020. Food service programs at stadiums, in particular, rely on large crowds watching sporting events to order food and beverages to drive their businesses. COVID-19 social distancing either made that completely out of the picture for the time being or severely reduced the capacity of fans.

The top stories on Food Management this year centered around how these concessionaires addressed the ongoing pandemic. From the initial shutdown to some reopenings, concessions programs have had a tough go of it. Some, like Legends Hospitality at AT&T Stadium in Texas, home of the Dallas Cowboys NFL team, have started foodservice programs for fans to eat at home while they watch the game.

We also talked with Restaurant Associate’s (RA) catering arm for special events about how it was dealing with the coronavirus pandemic restrictions. The RA team has created a new menu of boxed meals to help with social distancing and keeping everything single service to eliminate cross-contamination.

Other top stories of the year focus on the cool food and beverage offerings these concessions program are known for, many of which were created pre-pandemic. For instance, Food Management spoke with Levy Convention Centers about its mozzarella-pulling action station for special events and a pizza-making robot that was showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas before the shutdown.

Lastly, we talked with Bon Appetit at the Cleveland Convention, which used the inspiration of a Tiffany glass exhibition to create a colorful and tasty catering menu for its special events.

Check out these stories and more in our top 10 concessions and recreations stories for 2020.

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