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Top 10 feel-good food service stories of 2021

Some good-news articles from last year that will help activate your own silver-lining perspective.

In a year when we settled into finding the silver lining as a survival mode, there were many storm clouds to contend with: Supply chain issues, labor shortages and personal tragedy were all part of the year that was.

In fact, if it weren’t for the many silver linings, we’d have a hard time staying positive! If you feel the same, this is the year-end roundup for you. In case you missed these ten stories of resilience, compassion and hope in the foodservice industry this year, take a few minutes and check them out now. There are stories of people helping people, taking time to correlate mental health with the menu, devising new ways to come together as a community, celebrating Pride with rainbow menu items, welcoming a baby boom and a retail business boom at a hospital where life goes on, a college chef that makes doggie treats and a few more…Hopefully you’ll find your own silver linings, too.

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