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United states of barbecue: How food service operators are smoking meat for customers during the pandemic

‘Barbecue is the answer.’ We the people keep returning to one American food in particular: Barbecue. Here’s a look at some of the best ways operators are sharing smoked meats with the masses.

Of all the types of ways to serve food, barbecue could be the best suited to withstand a pandemic. In fact, if you’re thinking about pushing your operation into the smoky, delicious world of barbecue, now could be the perfect time.

“Oddly enough, this pandemic is tailored for anyone who’s passionate about barbecue,” says Daniel Concepcion, executive chef of corporate dining at Sam’s Club Corporate Office in Bentonville, Ark. “Right now, people need some normalcy in their lives and comfort. Barbecue is the perfect answer to that. Barbecue can feed lots of people a good meal in one batch. I’ve talked to my fellow chefs and other friends who are making ends meet by offering a barbecue menu. It seems to be working perfectly right now. Barbecue is the answer.”

 And barbecue’s wide variety of menu items travels well: a slab of ribs, a pulled pork sandwich with zippy slaw or a smoke-tinged piece of brisket were born to be easily packaged up, picked up and taken to go. Here are some ways barbecue can stoke your creative fire.

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