Washington State special event menu spans the globe

Students got to go “Around the World in 8 Dishes” at a special dinner event that featured selections from France, India, Italy, Mexico, Japan, Philippines, West Africa and America’s Pacific Northwest.

Each dining hall at Washington State University (WSU) is expected to hold at least one themed food event each spring. This year, the staff at the school’s Hillside Café used that opportunity to celebrate WSU’s diversity by serving dishes from eight countries/regions from around the globe.

All the dishes were plated along with the sides in front of customers to emphasize freshness.

The choices reflected both a need for global diversity and also variety—the peanut stew served as the vegetarian option, for example. However, the necessities of turning out dishes in volume while maintaining quality, food integrity and providing visual appeal did affect choices, says Jason Butcherite, the executive chef at Hillside who designed the menu.

“I wanted to keep the dishes easy because they were composed plates, so I wanted to take into consideration how they were to be assembled and executed for service,” he explains. “Also, we did prep in small batches as much as possible to try and promote freshness and quality.”

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