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What to do with ground beef now

If all you’re doing with ground beef is burgers and tacos, it’s time to beef up your menu with these hearty ideas.

Mac ‘n cheese with taco beef
Greenville (SC) County Schools
Humanely raised, local beef is the basis for a few scratch-made recipes at Greenville County Schools, South Carolina’s largest school district. The fresh-ground beef goes into lasagna, shepherd’s pie, nachos, tacos, meatloaf and also, this build-your-own mac ‘n cheese bar that features taco meat (pictured above) as an optional add-on. We’re opting in!

Ground beef and pork pizza
Duke University
At Duke’s rustic Italian campus eatery, Il Forno, the pies are hand-tossed, wood-fired beauties with irresistible appeal, like this ground beef and pork pizza. Il Forno uses a signature “East Coast” red sauce with crushed tomatoes and an Italian spice blend. Mozzarella, Romano and Parmesan cheese make the perfect background for the meaty toppings.

Open-faced meatloaf sandwich
Bucknell University
This is the LTO that keeps coming back, due to the comfort-food cravings of Bucknell students. A slab of meatloaf tastes like home, and the dining team has used it as the base for an open-faced sandwich (below) and also as a “stacker” on mashed potatoes and Texas toast and even as a panini with melted cheese. But the main components remain the same: flavorful meatloaf (Pap’s secret recipe), frizzled onions, barbecue sauce and toasted garlic bread.

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