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Concessions and Recreation

What’s new at NBA and NHL arenas, Part 1

Here are handhelds like sandwiches, burgers and hot dogs being rolled out by food & beverage providers for the NBA’s and NHL’s 2022-23 seasons.

Food & beverage providers have some new treats for NBA and NHL fans for the two leagues’ 2022-23 seasons. Here are handheld items like sandwiches, burgers and hot dogs they are introducing. For other items, go to Part 2 of our roundup.

Overall this season, arena concessions seems to be embracing a trend toward both more ingenuity in terms of combining flavors and cuisine types, along with a strong emphasis on fresh, authentic ingredients. As concessions remains an “indulgence” oriented market, strict healthfulness in terms of calorie counts and recipe components—cheese remains extremely popular, for instance—doesn’t seem to be a major consideration, though providers have also added healthier choices, including plant-based and vegetarian options.

Here are over two dozen sandwiches, burgers, hot dogs and other handhelds being served in NBA and NHL arenas across the country in 2022-23…

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