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What’s new at NFL stadiums, Part 2: nachos, fries, mac ‘n cheese, etc.

Here’s part 2 of our look at new concessions items debuting at NFL stadiums this fall, featuring dishes like nachos, fries and mac ‘n cheese.

NFL stadiums are expected to again be full of fans rooting for the home team, and the companies managing food and beverage are looking to provide them with tasty, enticing choices. While the upscaling trend of sports concessions has not abated, there seems to be a concerted move away from the weird and exotic to the more familiar, but familiar with premium ingredients and some creative twists.

Because NFL concessions providers have rolled out so many new items this fall, we decided that a single gallery would be too unwieldy so we’ve split it into two.

Here's a look at some of the new items like nachos, fries, mac ‘n cheese and ethnic dishes being introduced for the 2022 NFL season.

Part 1 featuring burgers, sandwiches and hot dogs are here...

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