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Can't a Guy Make a Little Extra Dough?

Can't a Guy Make a Little Extra Dough?

THE FORMER MAYOR of the Los Angeles suburb Hawthorne was recently convicted of stealing a food mixer from the local school district and taking it home so he could make pizza dough. The $1,300 commercial unit was returned intact but the Hawthorne doughboy ended up pleading guilty and being sentenced to 100 hours of community service (in a pizza kitchen, perhaps?) and a year of probation.

Larry Guidi served as mayor of Hawthorne for almost 20 years until his mixer caper — a security camera caught him loading the mixer into his pickup — prompted his firing from his day job as a warehouse operations manager for the school district last year (wouldn't a warehouse manager know about security cameras?). Not surprisingly, he also decided against running for re-election.

We've heard of politicians getting caught with their hands in the cookie jar, but the dough mixer?

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