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Drop the Chalupa and Pick Up the Bouquet

Drop the Chalupa and Pick Up the Bouquet

Weddings in unusual locations, such as at a Taco Bell or a Home Depot, may be a coming trend, reports USA Today. The paper cites brand loyalty, the economy and — let's face it — the unbeatable novelty, as rationales.

After all, a church wedding is a church wedding. You've seen one you've seen them all. The Bridal March, the exchange of vows, the rice toss. It's all been done to death.

But getting married in front of the serving counter where they sling 99-cent tacos and $1.50 burritos? Or with the Stone Cold Creamery display case as a backdrop to your “I do's“? Not even Las Vegas wedding mills can beat the tacky theatricality.

And let's face it, for your guests, there's nothing more convenient than a wedding at a T.J. Maxx. No need to rummage around for a nice dress, a tie or even a formal pair of shoes. Just get there early.

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