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Half-sized Man Adds Better Half

Manuel Uribe, the Guinness Record holder as the world's fattest man until he dieted down to nearly half his peak weight, celebrated by getting married recently. The bride, a bit on the Rubenesque side herself but still dwarfed by the 680-lb. groom, wore a strapless ivory satin dress and a tiara. Uribe wore a white satin shirt and a bed, to which he has remained confined for the past four years. He was wheeled to the ceremony in it.

Mighty handy, come to think of it…

Anyway, the wedding was followed by a “low-calorie banquet” capped with a five-tiered cake. Since Uribe's doctors were among the guests, he reportedly kept to his best behavior on the wedding feast front, though he has already shown remarkable discipline in sticking to a severe diet that allowed him to drop about 550 pounds. He has refused easy outs like gastric bypass surgery and decided to do it on self-control alone.

Hopefully, the new bride is not a good cook…

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