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Imagine If There Had been a Fly in His Soup

It started with an egg sandwich that restaurateur Richard Hanna prepared a year ago for Pennsylvania Secretary of Health Eli Avila at Hanna's Harrisburg restaurant Roxy's. Avila didn't like it, refused to eat it and then, according to Hanna, filed a health violation complaint. Guess the yolk's on him…

Anyway, it doesn't stop there, because when Hanna later bid on the foodservice contract at the state capitol, Avila torpedoed the application, at least according to Hanna. Apparently, some guys just can't let a bad meal go.

Hanna sued Avila for defamation and misuse of his office. The complaint was recently moved to a U.S. district court from a county court, making this farcical food fight literally a federal case.

If Hanna ends up winning and lands the contract, Just Desserts suggests he start by running a special on egg sandwiches. If Avila prevails, maybe he can use his pull with the successful bidder to put baloney on the menu and call it the Hanna Special…

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