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Now, Don't Go Getting a Swelled Head

From Japan, land of inscrutable fads, comes a real head-turner. Bagelheading is a fashion craze that requires wearers to inject a saline solution under the skin on their foreheads to produce a bump that is then formed into a bagel shape (check it out at

Time was, people would modify their bodies to make them look more attractive, but bagelheads just seem to want to evoke “ewwwww's” if not downright gagging. Call us old-fashioned here at Just Desserts, but looking like an alien extra from Star Trek doesn't exactly strike us as chick magnet material (suggested pickup line: “Hey baby, check out my brain tumor…just kidding…”).

The fad does have possibilities for extension into other “-head” subjects, though, since there's no reason the skin bumps produced by the subcutaneous saline have to be shaped into bagels. So how about “fishheads” or “eggheads” or “pumpkinheads.” The possibilities are endless.

Our suggestion: “meatheads” as defined by the immortal Archie Bunker — “dead from the neck up.”

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