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Pizzaria Goes Out on a Limb With New Offering

Pizzaria Goes Out on a Limb With New Offering

Pizzas have been topped with the darndest things, but few stranger than that cooked up by London pizza chain Eco, which now features a menu item it calls the Hopper. That's Eco's punny designation for a pizza that features frog legs as its main topping. The amphibian limbs are accented with capers and an anchovy sorbet.

Chef Sami Wasif says he got the idea while on a trip to Paris, according to The Sun newspaper. Well, yes, of course, where else would frog legs as a culinary ingredient occur to anyone? Omaha?

Naturally, animal rights activists are outraged, and not by the capers, either. An Animal Aid spokesperson termed the whole thing “barbaric,” claiming that frog legs are removed while the animals are still alive.

Well, maybe, but it's not as if frog limbs are a new delicacy. And, truth be told, exactly how many of these weirdo pizzas does Eco really expect to sell?

To Just Desserts, it sounds like a publicity stunt that Animal Aid and its cohorts have blundered into abetting…

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