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France burger picture

Plus, They Get Self-Referential Fries With It...

The French have historically turned their noses up at American food, especially fast food—and especially the hamburger (or “ambuger” as Inspector Clouseau would pronounce it…). But guess what? The trendiest street food item these days in Paris is…yes, the hamburger (with a side of, er, “French” fries…).

According to a recent report in Yahoo News, young Parisians especially are drawn to burger-dishing mobile meal wagons that, as in this country, advertise their offerings and locations by way of social media like Twitter and Facebook.

The burgers from these mobile restaurants tend to be made with high-quality ingredients like organic beef and real Cheddar cheese, but otherwise they are not much different from their despised cousins from places like McDonald’s and Burger King. They typically come topped with onions, lettuce, tomatoes and cheese, though the special sauce is unlikely to be anything like the stuff you find on a Big Mac.

Can a Parisian Chicken Nugget Truck be far behind?

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