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Shrimp Superheroes?

Shrimp Superheroes?

FOODIES AND CULINARIANS tend to regard the humble shrimp as a plentiful and somewhat adaptable ingredients (as long as they are not overcooked or left out at room temperature…).

But those innocuous invertebrates that star in those scampi dinners and popcorn shrimp chowdowns have some super cousins that never see the inside of a foodservice (or probably any other) kitchen. Here are a few…

The Pistol Shrimp has a huge claw that it can close with such force that it produces an almost literal explosion of water pressure and temperature (up to 5,000°F — talk about packing heat!) that knocks its prey for a loop.

Then there's the Mantis Shrimp, which has either a spear or club for a claw, and you don't need much imagination to know how they are used.

Finally, there's the Ghost Shrimp, which is transparent and almost invisible, which lets it get away with all sorts of pranks on the other shrimp…

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