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Well, That Takes the Cake!

A CHRISTMAS CAKE supposedly baked in 1911 recently celebrated its hundreth birthday surrounded by…well, people wanting to have their picture taken with it, according to a story in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.

The largely mummified confection was originally discovered on a closet shelf in 1992 by estate sale assessors and passed along as a gag gift to a mutual friend, who has kept it ever since. Hey, why not…what can happen to it in 20 years that didn't already happen in the first 80?

An inscription on the box containing the cake says it was baked in December 1911 by an individual who died shortly afterwards. Apparently, it was considered bad luck to throw out a cake baked by someone who then drops dead, so it was stored in a closet for the next 80 years.

Wouldn't it have been easier to just keep the recipe?

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