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You Can't Eat Just One

Out of England comes the story of Stacey Irvine, a 17-year-old girl who recently was hospitalized after collapsing and struggling to breathe. Turns out the girl was severely vitamin deficient and anemic as a result of her diet, which she said had consisted of almost nothing but chicken nuggets since she'd been a toddler. In fact, according to the Daily Mail newspaper, she claims never to have even tasted fresh fruit or vegetables.

Two thoughts come to mind. First, what's up with her parents? Her mother is said to be “exasperated” at her daughter's diet. But where was she 15 years ago, when she still had control over it? She says Stacey has always refused to eat anything else. Well, welcome to parenthood, Mrs. Irvine…

But even more interesting is the fact that Stacey survived, with apparently few dire effects, for so long on such a supposedly nutrition-deficient diet (assuming she's telling the truth). Pictures accompanying the Daily Mail story show a fairly normal looking teen. Compare that with how documentarian Morgan Spurlock looked after only a month of his Supersize Me stunt. Yet, Irvine's diet was far more restrictive than Spurlock's, who theoretically had the entire McDonald's menu at his disposal, not just the chicken nuggets.

Well, if Just Desserts is ever consigned to a desert island and can take only one food item to eat, we know what it will be, and it won't be the salads…

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