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New High (and Low) Tech Food Safety Solutions

New High (and Low) Tech Food Safety Solutions

Food borne illness. Cross-contamination. Lawsuits. Headlines. It's enough to make anyone feel creepy-crawly. Lucky for foodservice operators, new products are being developed all the time to help you do your job without worrying about the “creepy-crawlies.”

Some new products are the result of scientific advances. For example, SANIGUARD's new antimicrobial technology uses silver ions to prevent growth of bacteria. Others are nifty new inventions, like DayMark's “Docking” Glove2Go, that beg the question: “Why didn't I think of that?”

Whether product innovations are simple or high-tech, keeping an eye on what's new can have a long term benefit in terms of the level of food safety at your operation. At a time when customers are more informed — and often more leery — than ever, it's more important than ever to safeguard your customers — and your reputation. Here are some recent new products selected from many releases that regularly cross FM's editorial desks.

Going from food to register and back is simple with the Glove2Go from DayMark Safety Systems. A deli worker can make a sandwich, remove the glove at the docking station, ring up an order, and then put the glove back on for a new customer without having to start over with a new pair of gloves. Cross-contamination is reduced, and other benefits include an environmentally friendly system and a cost-effective solution. or (800) 847-0101.

Foodborne illness is a growing concern for foodservice operators and customers alike. New food safety features on various kitchen equipment from Electrolux Professional North America can provide solutions. The Air-O-Steam combi oven and the Air-O-Speed high speed combi oven preheat air inside the oven (up to 582°F) and then sanitize it before it comes into contact with the food. New software called EKIS (Elecrolux Intelligent Kitchen System) helps operators monitor HACCP compliance through web-based monitoring.

Green cleaning products sound great, but only if they're effective. Clorox Commercial Solutions Greenworks Cleaners, a line of natural products, are said to work as well or better than traditional cleaners. The products, including glass and surface, all-purpose, and toilet bowl cleaners and sprays, are sourced from plant- and mineral-based ingredients, use biodegradable and renewable ingredients, are non allergenic and have never been tested on animals. Even the packaging is recyclable.

Helping with a good, safe grip and also preventing cross contamination, the Saf-T-Grip Cutting Board from DayMark Safety Systems is a food-prep dynamo. The anti-slip grip corners on the cutting board keep it in place while food is being cut, and an embossed ruler comes in handy for portion measurement. The cutting board is available in six colors, to help you fight cross contamination (red for raw meat, green for veggies, etc.) The tough co-polymer material is dishwasher-safe and will not dull knives. or (800) 847-0101.

A single platform and comprehensive solution can monitor all aspects of food safety in a modern foodservice operation. IntelliCart is a wireless temperature monitoring system for food carts, portable stations and other equipment used for transporting food between various locations, including refrigerated and non-refrigerated trucks. IntelliProducts include walk-ins, reach-ins, cold pans, remote rack refrigeration systems, steam tables, holding cabinets and ice machines.

Maintain proper temperatures of ingredients for front-of-the-house prep and display with the new Full-Size Undercounter refrigerators from Traulsen featuring INTELA-TRAUL microprocessors. The refrigerators have NAFEM Data Protocol capabilities to monitor and record temperatures and other data through a central server or PC network. Capacity ranges from 8.6 to 28.9 cubic feet. The full-size undercounter refrigerators also are equipped with self-closing doors that can stay open when needed to stock or remove items.

Quickly chilling soup and stock below the “temperature danger zone” is fast and easy with the rapid STOCK CHILLER from Revolutionary Cooling Systems (RCS). In line with HAACP guidelines, two gallons of soup or stock can be chilled from 190°F to 40°F in four minutes or five gallons in six minutes. The unsafe, but common, practice of putting hot soups or stocks directly into the refrigerator can lead to an unsafe situation. The chiller keeps soups and stocks out of that danger zone, and will not alter food's taste or composition. or (845) 229-4101.

Old fashioned “white butcher coats” can contain bacteria after several uses, and can even reintroduce “old” bacteria to a sterilized plant. The full-coverage Flavorseal Frock from CMS (Carroll Manufacturing and Sales) is a disposable barrier-control garment with apron and sleeves attached. The USDA-accepted frock is one-size-fits-all and is available in white, yellow, light blue and dark blue. It is allowed within facilities for direct food contact. or (866) 769-1500.

Frequent handwashing and glove use can lead to very dry hands for those who handle food. Aloe Synthetic Gloves from FoodHandler naturally hydrate and moisturize hands during tough jobs. The gloves are infused with aloe vera gel and are said to be ideal for tasks that require gloves to be worn for long periods of time. The gloves are easily identified by their special green color, and offer superior grip and fingertip sensitivity. or (800) 338-4433.

When thawing, cooking, storing or holding foods, the Infrared Thermometer from Component Design Northwest (CDN) is easy to use: simply aim at the desired food item and press “SCAN” for an accurate reading of the surface temperature. The thermometer is part of a new infrared line from CDN and eliminates the risk of cross-contamination. It offers a wide temperature range of -67 to 428°F and has a distance to spot ratio of one to one. or (800) 338-559.

No rinse is required before placing food on a surface sanitized by Sani-Wipe No Rinse, Hard, Non-porous Surface Sanitizing Wipes from Nice-Pak Foodservice. Dirty rags and buckets can fade into the past when replaced with quick, convenient and effective wipes that can be thrown away after each use. Food related illness can be prevented by eliminating bacteria on surfaces in kitchen, dining and waiting areas. or (800) 444-6725.

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